Oakley Holidays holds an Annual General Meeting each year at which the financial statements, organisational policies and governing decisions are agreed and reviewed.The meeting is minuted and records are maintained for approval and inspection.


All trustees are invited to the Annual General Meeting. The next Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held in London in November 2019. Formal Minutes from the Trustees' 2018 AGM are compiled for approval at the next meeting in November 2019.


Trustees also serve as Company Directors of Oakley Holidays Limited, a company limited by guarantee.

Full details of how to contact the trustees of Oakley Holidays are provided on the website Contact page.



Russel Bailey (Chairman)
Julian Wilde MBE (Secretary)
David Derbyshire (Vice Chair)
Caroline Derbyshire (Vice Chair)
Kathy Sealy (Vice Chair)

Beverley Kent
Lewis Kent MBE (Treasurer)
Katy Batley
Paul Batley
Jenny Beake
Tom Cousins
Helena Derbyshire
Beverley Kent
Felicity Randell
Chris Roberts
Alison Rowley
Vicky Thomas

Chris Troughton
Chris Vernazza
Nina Walker
Jenny Whitmore


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Established in 1919

Registered Charity No. 1093381

Limited Company No. 4487467