Oakley 2020 and 2021

Both the 2020 Holidays had to be cancelled because of the restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Applications for the 2021 Holidays opened at the end of July and both the weeks are expected to have large attendances.

Dates for 2021 Holidays:

Saturday 3rd to Saturday 10th April

Saturday 24th to Saturday 31st July


The fee remains unchanged at £267 for each of the Holidays in 2021.

Details of the annual conference for Oakley leaders are under discussion and on this occasion this is likely to be a one day meeting on a Saturday  in October 2020 at Bilton Grange School. 

News and Updates from Summer 2019


The 100th year of the Oakley Holidays continued into the summer holiday, including a very special centenary celebration.

A report of the week and a couple of articles from the recent newsletter have been made available.

A report of the Summer 2019 Holiday:

A brief look at one of Oakley overseas


A Special charities update from Layla's

visit to St Luke's in India:

And one more, the new 2020 edition of

the Oakley brochure is now available for

download on the private members publications page.

Easter 2019 Report


The 100th year of the Oakley Holidays began with a very happy and successful Easter week.

Find out more here:

Upcoming Events


Leaders' Conference 2020

Provisionally arranged at Bilton Grange in October 2020.

Details to be confirmed

Easter Holiday 2021

Sat 3rd April - Sat 10th April

Bilton Grange

Summer Holiday 2021

Sat 24th July - Sat 31st July

Bilton Grange

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