Oakley raises money for charities in a number of ways.  The principal way is by means of a collection each which raises money for a number of charities, usually four or five, which have been suggested by members of the holiday.  In recent years people have been asked, sometime in advance, sometimes at the holiday itself, of causes they might wish to have supported and these are discussed by the leaders and a decision made.  The collection usually amounts to between five and ten pounds per person.

In addition, small change from the sweet tuck shop is donated to a crock pig and the money given to The Neem Tree Trust.  Fun activities such as counting buttons in a jar, bringing pairs of socks to send abroad, guessing the weight of a melon and identifying adults from their baby photographs all help to raise the total of donated money.  Every Oakley activity usually takes a small charity collection.

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Charities Supported in
Recent Years
British Heart Foundation
Diabetes UK
Testicular Cancer
Shelter Box
The Neem Tree Trust
Oxfam Unwrapped
Pancreatic Cancer
St Elizabeth Hospice
Melanoma Focus
Brain Tumour Research
Dementia UK
Marie Curies Nurses
Portsmouth Downs Syndrome Research
Alzheimer’s Society
Cancer Research
Sobell House Hospice
The Children’s Society
Hearing Dogs for the Deaf