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Almost a hundred years separates the two photographs and 2019 will see the centenary of the first holiday party which was held at Ardingly in Sussex in the summer of 1919. 

Oakley Holidays which has its origins in that first party will mark the occasion in several ways which will culminate with a celebration gathering at Bilton Grange Preparatory School, near Rugby on Saturday 3rd August 2019, the final full day of the summer party. 

Formal invitations will be sent out later and Oakley Alumni will be informed through the website.

Visitors will be invited to arrive around 11:30, prior to a buffet lunch to be enjoyed together by Party members and guests. After siesta there will be Oakley games, ancient and modern, including a Centenary Golf Challenge. Oakley’s impact, history, traditions and relevance to the 21st century will be then be celebrated in words and music at a special commemorative meeting.

This will be followed by a Centenary photo, tea and cake, the giving out of mementos and the signing of the Oakley record book before guests leave at 5pm. 

Below are some photographs of some of the activities which may take place.

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