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A grand total of £904 was raised during the Easter Holiday of 2018. 

The Cambridge Development Initiative received £160.  This was suggested by Yazmin, a student at Cambridge University, who had worked in East Africa last year and sits on the student committee for this project.  Harry spoke on Yazmin’s behalf.

The new officers were given £100 to spend on any charity of their choice.  They decided to give the money to the Fylde Sharks, a swimming club in St Annes which helps those with disabilities to learn to swim.

Julian suggested the John Muir Foundation, an organisation which is dedicated to protecting and enhancing wild places in the UK.  It, too, received £160.

We continue to support the Neem Tree Trust, run by our friend Kathy Miller.  The Trust gives valuable support to the St Luke’s Leprosarium in South India.  Megabucks the pig offered up £58 and the officers raised £22 by trying to guess the number of peas in a jar.  Katy was the nearest to the correct number but declined the peas as a prize!

Ruby wanted to support a charity which was working to help young people living in or near violent neighbourhoods.  She researched the charity and we gave £160 to the Old Hall People’s Partnership.

Rachel and Eloise were taking part in a Bubble Rush in Blackpool to raise money for the Trinity Hospice.  It involved running 5 kilometres whilst having water thrown over them.  They declined a practice session whilst at Oakley! £160 was sent to the Trinity Hospice, Blackpool.

Mud, silly costumes, earnest running and some fine photographs characterised our biannual mile run for Comic/Sports Relief.  A total of £84 was raised.

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