Established in 1919, Oakley Holidays is a registered charity organised on a voluntary, basis, and run to provide opportunities for young people primarily aged 12-18.

For the past one hundred years, young people from across England and beyond have had the opportunity to take part in a week of activities which they may remember for the rest of their lives.

Oakley Holidays is a small not-for-profit organisation, which runs holidays for young people twice each year.


Personal invitations are extended to new attendees through a network of organisers across the country.

JUL 2020

Summer 2020

Bilton Grange

Sat 25th July to Sat 1st August

This website is designed to provide information for those people who are learning about the holidays by way of personal invitation from an existing holiday attendee.


August 2019

A report and selection of photos from the Summer 2019 holiday and centenary celebration are now available

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Established in 1919

Registered Charity No. 1093381

Limited Company No. 4487467